It's a beautiful week for this very large show and flea market.
Temperatures in the mid to high 70s brought out both sellers and buyers.

It looked like there were hundreds of restorable cars for sale.
 How much do you Think it would cost to restore that Caddy? 
I guessed about $30K if you had all the parts.


 Of course there were also hundreds of cars already restored.
I pictured myself cruising my town in every one.
Hey honey, going my way?  Dream on, you old fart.


 There were at least two of this exact car at the show. 
I wasn't asking prices, I figured that the prices would probably
drop drastically for anything that didn't sell prior to the last day.


 Lots of "automobilia" to be found.  This was about 4 X 6 feet.

 Lots of folks specializing in selling specific parts.....

 but most sellers carry a little bit of everything from their garage.

 I'm always surprised how many old bikes are for sale here.

Curiosity had me pricing several motor bikes that
ran between $1500 and $5000.  This one was $2500 OBO.

But motor vehicles were the reason most folks go to Hershey.


 So after about 6 hours of walking we covered about 20% of the event.
The Hershey show is a fun time for the whole family even the kids
love the place since the amusement park is in the middle of the show.
For 4 days this place is like Disneyland,
cars and flea market rolled into one event.