All American
49 Ford Truck Restoration

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1.  This is the "before" picture of Ron's Ford


2.  Some major floor modifications.


3.  The left cab corner needed to be replaced.


4. The cab corner with the new metal in place.


5. Nasty firewall needs a lot of patching.


6. Floor modified for new running gear.


7. The dash needs some cleaning up.


8. Blasting the old paint from the surface.

9. It's a lot of work to get the metal smooth.

10. Primer usually means you're half done.


11. Now that cab corner is looking good.


12. Coming together.


13. Firewall complements the new engine.


14. That interior is finally looking good.


15.  Wood bed floor adds a lot of class.


16.  A beautiful job should be a prize winner.

Congratulations Ron, Great job!

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