Hello everyone.. You guys were nice enough to provide me with some quality information on some issues I was having a couple years ago.. now I come to you again. I'll be moving to Texas very soon, and am concerned about shop humidity. The shop I'm moving to is 6,000 square feet with high ceilings, fully insulated. That's quite a bit of air volume, so I know I will need some fairly serious dehumidification to keep up. For you guys who live in humid parts of the country, what do you use/recommend?

I live in northern Nevada now, and it is so dry here that bare steel and cast iron parts never rust when stored inside no matter how much time passes.

Ideally I would air condition the shop to keep it more comfortable in the summer as well, but that would be very expensive and I'm not sure if that will even be an option.

I'm concerned about my own comfort when I work, but also very concerned about bare sheetmetal parts rusting over time, and humidity interfering with when I can even spray.

Of course I know I will need a good dryer for my air system, that's the easy part.

I appreciate any advice you all might have. Thanks!