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Thread: Question on repairing small holes in the hood?

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    Default Question on repairing small holes in the hood?

    Iíve searched through the site and found many different techniques to fix/repair small rust holes. Iím looking to repair a couple small rust holes in the hood on our 66 Comet, pics will be posted. Iíve cleaned the pin holes up some and they have expanded just a bit. It now looks pretty solid from what I see. The hoods inner structure sort of prevents me from getting in behind it.

    I have a welder, although Iím not that experienced with it, I could give it a try. Iíd use .023 if I do use the welder, I do have a bottle on it. Iím concerned it may be a little thin where it needs work, can maybe get some copper behind the larger of the three small holes.

    Iíve thought about fiberglass, seen the technique Len posted, and may try it. I really donít want to cut a patch out, but will if necessary. Iím sorta leaning towards welding it, appreciate any feedback on this, thanks for any and all responses.
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