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Trying to locate answer as to what type of enamel it is. As far as using the same brand of hardener goes I am on 4 different message boards regarding garden tractors and all one would ever need to know about them. What I gather is any hardener will work in this paint, the answers are all over the place. Using Shop line with the IH paint was recommended by several restorers. The PPG guy told me to mix some up shoot it and see how it works, he said I would have no problem recognizing an issue. I appreciate your responses!
that paint is a "modified alkyd enamel". essentially it's just a straight enamel with an acrylic component. i'd classify it as equipment enamel. i've shot tons of that kind of paint over the years on various pieces of equipment i've built. you won't find a specific hardener for it as it wasn't originally intended to have hardener. it will dry, but won't achieve full cure (hardness) for quite a long time.
just a warning, there are a few "modified " enamels that don't like hardener, so mix a test batch and try it. you'll know right away if there's a compatibility issue.
that said, most of these types of paint respond really well to the addition of hardener. it will cure fast, retain gloss better, and last longer. i usually just add a good splash of whatever acrylic enamel hardener i can get my hands on. i've been doing it so long i don't really measure it, so i can't say the ratio, but it isn't critical. just try to be consistent. it seems like a quart of mixed paint would take around a double shot of hardener. give it a little induction time before spraying so the ingredients marry up well.
typically i have to shoot with a little higher pressure to get it to lay out how i like it. i also don't shoot it with my good gun, i use knock-offs for it but it comes out great.