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Thread: Seam sealer AFTER primer, is this an issue?

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    Default Seam sealer AFTER primer, is this an issue?

    Hi All
    I did some body work on a new tailgate for my 73 Bronco, There are gaps in the construction (just like was done in '73).
    Using SEM grey seam sealer and PPG grey epoxy prime and then the grey sandable primer.

    Did I screw up? both primers are down, but I didn't seam seal.
    Is there going to be problems applying the seam sealer now and spraying the base color right on top, (then clear)?

    Or do I seam seal on the dried primer, then re-prime before color?


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    Hi Ron,

    That seam sealer looks to be some pretty good stuff.

    You may be interested in this how to video :

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    I've never used SEM seam sealer but it's probably decent, they make other products that I've used and they worked fine.

    We use Fusor sealers because they make a variety of sealers that are both one and two part products and work in different applications. We use the single part product shown below because they get like hard rubber and adhere to the surface very well and don't crack later. If we are applying the sealer over a repair or over bare metal we epoxy prime the area first, apply the sealer then we normally paint the sealer without priming.

    In areas that need a smooth sealer application, like drip channels around the roof, we use a two part self-leveling sealer and after it hardens we scuff it with a scuff pad before applying paint. The two part products need a special dispenser gun and mixing tips.

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