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Thread: 53 year old panel rust advice

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    Default 53 year old panel rust advice

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    I would probably lightly blast it or use Picklex 20 on it then epoxy prime and apply a filler to fill the pits then sand and apply either another coat of epoxy primer and a filler primer or just filler primer then guide coat, sand and paint. If you use Picklex you want to use a primer that contains NO ACID.

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    weird, i replied to this thread but it disappeared.
    anyway, i agree with len on the blasting. if you don't get all the rust out of the pits it will come back fairly quickly. careful use of a spot blaster will help get it out.
    what are you working on?
    b marler

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    Len and bmarler gave you all the info you need. To throw in my 2 cents, I usually deal with 80+ year old rust. While on occasion I use the Picklex which is a superb product, I normally use my spot blaster. I use it so frequently I go through one a year. I hate rust and don't want it on my vehicles.

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