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Thread: Acyrlic urethane hardener vs enamel hardener?

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    Default Acyrlic urethane hardener vs enamel hardener?

    Hi guys,

    I have some acrylic urethane hardener for car paint. I am looking to spray some Rustoleum regular black paint on a project and would like to add a hardener to it.

    I'm getting confused as to the difference between acrylic urethane hardener vs enamel hardener, etc.?

    Is there any difference? Can acrylic urethane hardener be used in enamels (oil based paints)?

    I found this picture online of a "universal hardener" that can apparently be used with everything, so does that mean they are all compatible?

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    I use acrylic enamel hardener with rustoleum regularly. I think that universal hardener would work as well, but I haven’t used it personally. All of the hardeners contain isocyanates and seem to be related, but it takes some experimentation to see what works with what.
    If it’s not too expensive, I’d give it a try on a test coupon and see if it works.

    I saw you had some urethane hardener already. I’d mix a small amount and see if it sprays out ok and cures.
    b marler

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