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Different size slide weights ?? The stud welder kit comes with one slide hammer with one weight or you can use the one handed pin puller that doesn't use a slide.

One of the problems with heating the metal up prior to pulling a dent is the odds go way up of ripping the studs right out of the metal you just heated leaving a hole where the pin was. I really don't think using a shrinking tip on the stud welder on thicker metal like a rocker panel damage will do any good.

On really bad dents/damage on rocker panel thick metal I have used a cut off whizzer wheel to cut the damaged section of the rocker off the car. Hammer and dolly the damage back out then weld it back in the rocker. But like the original poster stated - he's not a welder. so that is out.
That dent isn't that bad anyway and should pull out pretty easy. That dent is going to take as much use with a hammer as the stud welder pulling pins. The gap between the rocker and door bottom is going to be tight and will need to be widened back out in that damaged area. That in itself can be challenging.
I actually wasn't referring to that particular slide weight other than too say it may not be enough to pull his rocker dent. I have and use 4 or 5 different size slide hammers that range from 2 to 13 pounds that I can match the metal thickness too for pulling. I always start with the lightest weight possible and work up as needed. I may have misrepresented what I was referring to when applying heat to the panel. I don't like starting a pull with cold metal nor am I talking about applying white or orange heat to the point you rip the metal. I use a mapp gas hand held torch (as opposed to my acetylene torch) to pre heat the metal away from the pins and towards the inner most dent for a few seconds to assist the pull, really works nicely. I think you will agree that when a dent occurs it stretches the metal beyond factory fit and must either be shrunk or cut and replaced in order to bring the factory panel back into alignment. While we both may use a slightly different approach to a repair of this nature I think the OP can extrapolate enough information from the advice given for his repair.