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Thread: flexible sander for boat hull

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    got up this morning with every intention of sanding and buffing out the orange peel. strike one was when I stopped at the autobody / paint supply store in on my way to the boatyard. I was planning on sanding with 1000, 1500 and 2000 - then over to compound. They had some 800, and some 1500 -- out of the rest. Thought I would give it a go with what they had -- sanding a section of the transom which will be under a ladder once I reassemble. strike two was when my junk buffer called it quits 10 minutes into the job. So didn't really work out; got it nice and flat, but doesn't shine or have nearly as much depth as the orange peeled sections. Unfortunately I have five other things to be done before they launch the boat, hopefully by next weekend, so this will be a season of orange peel. It looks pretty good though, ten thousand times better than when I started ( see below). I had a ton of paint left over, and alexseal support tells me it will last three years -- so probably next spring I'll sand the top off, put a fresh coat on, and try again to get it shined up.

    thanks for all of your help this year; talk to you in April or so when I start again!

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    I can understand your sentiment but you seem to forget this is a site for people who enjoy this kind of work. Most of us have some sort of experience with different kinds of problems and we help each other out when we see a post where we have an answer. For example I donít go to a site for professional dancers and tell them I donít like to dance.

    Bob K

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