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I have noticed when I try to match the color on a panel that I've painted with my big gun
using an airbrush or even a "touch-up" gun that it doesn't match for some strange reason.
I suspect it's the atomization of the smaller sprayers, that it's finer.
It may work well for non metallic paints but I always go back with my bigger gun
to get it right.

And I've never been able to keep a chip repair small, I don't even try to anymore.
There are a lot of variables and the main one is the type and color of the paint. If it's a metallic everything effects it, like the gun, the temperature, the air pressure and the way it's applied. When we want to match a small spot like a chip we normally use a small to mid-size gun (not an air brush) and the extend the blended materials 4 to 6 inches from the chip.