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Thread: Vinyl Top Adhesive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil V View Post
    A Landau top is a vinyl top that covers only half of the roof. (front half of the roof is metal, rear half is vinyl.

    This is a direct cut-n-paste from 3M --- "CRL 3Mģ Super Trim Adhesive provides high immediate bond strength and is repositionable during assembly. Excellent heat and water resistance. It is designed for bonding vinyl to auto roof tops. Has excellent resistance to plasticizers in the vinyl which can soften and weaken most adhesives."

    Anyone want to discuss this further ?
    I think auto manufactures & others use the term Landau generically, whether it is a partial top, or a complete full top covering.

    I know itís hard to read, but in the picture below they call this a Landau


    As far as the adhesive goes, is this the 3M SUPER TRIM ADHESIVE 08090 were talking about?


    If so, I didnít read it being specifically used or designed for bonding vinyl to auto roof tops as you mentioned.

    This is right from the 3M website: 3Mô SUPER TRIM ADHESIVE 08090

    Do you think the product changed, or did I miss something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MT99 View Post
    I understood a landau top to be a half vinyl top too. I used the 3m#8090 on the last top I installed. It worked well, but I thought I would see what the pros use. The Weldwood stuff is $39.95/gallon while the 3M stuff is >$30/can. I used 2 cans on the landau top I did last year.

    I think I will try the Weldwood glue this time. Hopefully my cheap Devilbiss HVLP primer gun with a 1.6 tip will work. Otherwise I can try my Slick Sand gun which I think is a 2.3 tip. Thanks all
    you'll be happy with the performance of the weldwood, it's what you will see in virtually every good upholstery shop. not sure if the hvlp will work as good as the older conventional style gun, you'll just have to try it. i think i use a 1.8 tip on mine, so a 1.6 should be close enough.
    i keep the 3m trim adhesive around too and use it for a variety of things as it's a great product. but for a complete or half top i would only use the weldwood. in fact, when i'm more active in the shop i leave it loaded in the gun as it's so convenient to just grab and use.
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    I've been using 3M Super Trim Adhesive (spray) for the last 3 decades to current use, with Zero issues...application/technique is the key to a successful vinyl/upholstery install.

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