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Thread: Newbie Needs Help With Painting Fiberglass Spoiler!

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    Default Newbie Needs Help With Painting Fiberglass Spoiler!

    Hello, new people, nice to meet you! I'm George DeLorean, no relation. As you can see from the title of my post, I have a fiberglass spoiler for my Focus that I wish to paint myself. It's one that originally came from a 2007 car with the street appearance package.

    I'm afraid that I don't have access to a garage, or expensive tools, so any solutions will likely need to involve something that comes from a spray can, and hopefully be had from a home improvement or auto parts store.

    I sanded the original color off, and prepped the surface in stages up to 320 grit sandpaper. Is that fine enough, should I go to a 400 grit, or possibly beyond that?

    In regards to the color paint itself, I plan to use Duplicolor Perfect Match: Dark Shadow Gray, as it's what the doorjamb code from Ford specifies. That particular paint is an acrylic lacquer to my knowledge. Will that work with your recommendations for primer, or should I just use the corresponding Perfect Match primer from Duplicolor in the end?

    If you have another recommendation for primer, like a 2K, considering it is fiberglass and not steel, I will be most happy to read your recommendations! If you advise any sealants or adhesion promoters, and when to apply them, please let me know that, too. I want to get this done correctly, however not have to spend any more money and time than are necessary.

    Finally, what steps would you recommend in regards to the rest of the process? What's the cure time for primer? Overnight, a week, a month? Should I sand the primer before applying the color, and at what grit? Wet sand the clear coat with 5000 grit? Anything I missed? Thank you kindly for all your help and recommendations!

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    Default Well...

    Welcome to the site!

    The paint you're after is a cheap quality type because it is of LACQUER base. This makes longevity questionable. However, that selection does offer a wide variety of decent, current & popular colors.

    Being lacquer, it dries "TO THE TOUCH" within a short period of time. To not loosen what you applied from primer to color to clear, I would wait a day and always refer to the can. Do not spray in the sun as it will dry the paint as and before it hits the surface.

    I think for your spoiler and lack of alternative solutions, this will work out for you.

    (Another suggestion is if you know any autobody people or shops, run your spoiler by them and ask how much for them to paint it.) Keep us posted.


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    or, maybe get a preval sprayer and use real base coat. then use 2k clear from a spray can. cost is a little higher but at least you stand a chance of it holding up.
    2k spray can primer is available too.
    b marler

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