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Thread: Rustoleum oil based enamel help

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    Hey everyone.

    im doing literally my first paint job ever on a 98 civic ek
    Im using rustoleum however im not doing that roll on job,im using an electric hvlp paint gun.
    I have sanded the old paint,then used an oil enamel primer in white which i sanded down with 400 gritt, i then shot 3 coats of gloss white rustoleum, the car has been curing in the sun for 2 weeks now,im based in South africa ,its around 32C (89.6 F) daily here so 2 weeks i think is plenty of cure time,

    i am planning on clear coating the car for added gloss and protection,now im aware i should wetsand the the color coat with around 800gritt to give the clear coat something to bite into..but my question i have is in regards to orange peel and dust nibs,there really isnt much orange peel in the white gloss coat and 3-4 dust nibs per panel which stands out against the white paint allot. Should i wetsand the color white gloss coat down so its 100% flat and risk burning through the coats or should i just sand it enough for the clear to bite into? like will the clear cover minor orange peel if im going to wetsand and buff the clear? iv added a photo of a small section i sanded with 800 gritt,i really had to adjust the photos brightness and contrast for the orange peel to actually show. so the photo is set allot darker than in personDSC_5857.jpg
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    As long as the clear doesn't cause a bad reaction when sprayed on the white you should be able to just wet sand the white with some fine grit like 1500 then apply your white.

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