Picklex® 20

Picklex® 20 characteristics

Water based product (has little bit of phosphoric acid)
Environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic
Ready to use and should not be diluted

Picklex® 20 is a combination of the following

Rust remover (removes flash rust completely in less than 30 seconds). De-rusting/coating of heavy rusted tools or parts can be done by dipping in Picklex® 20 for few hours.

Rust converter (converts micro-rust to a conversion coating)
Rust inhibitor (provides very long term indoor rust protection in terms of years)
Pre-treatment (provides long term corrosion resistance, resulting in longer paint life). Provides a conversion coating (protective coating which becomes a part of the metal) with nano thickness
Anti-spatter (for welding application)

Picklex® 20 provides rust/contamination free surface, seals and stops further oxidation

Method of application

On new metal surface: Spray & brush with a paint brush. Stretch to put a very thin coating. Any flash rust will get removed in 30 seconds.
For sandblasted metal surface : Blow off or wash the sand on the metal surface and dry. The flash rust resulting from washing will get removed within 30 seconds after applying Picklex® 20.

After one minute (do not let the coating to start drying on the surface which will result in residue), wipe off the excess chemical down to the metal surface (wipe dry). This will provide a extremely thin thickness of the coating (nano thickness) which becomes part of the metal surface. Air dry. Any powdery residue on the surface after complete drying means that the excess chemical is not removed completely, which can affect the bonding.

Primer can be applied on the Picklex® 20 coating after complete drying without any buffing or sanding. Note:  Test first on a very small area (around 6 sq.in.). After the primer is cured, perform a bonding test as shown below.

Bonding Test (Cross Hatch Test)

Take a razor blade and draw 4 to 5 straight lines (about 4" to 5 "), 1/4" apart cutting through the paint and the Picklex® 20 coating down to the metal surface. Then draw 4 to 5 lines perpendicular over the previous lines (like a Tic-Tac-Toe). Then stick a masking tape (or any tacky plastic tape) real good on the grid and then take a corner of the tape and pull upward slowly. If the paint did not bond properly, the small 1/4" squares will come off on the tape. This test will show whether the primer has bonding properly.

When the bonding test comes out good, perform the complete job exactly the same way.

Things to Do and Not to Do

  1. Do not keep the Picklex® 20 chemical longer than one minute after applying on the metal surface, because it will start drying and it will be hard to remove all excess chemical completely from the metal surface, which will affect proper drying and proper bonding with the top coating.
  2. Do not use self etching primer (primer which has acid in it for etching the metal surface), because it will react with Picklex® 20 coating and ruin the coating and fail the bonding. Ask the primer supplier whether the primer has acid in it (some primer has acid in it, but still is not called an “etching primer”).
  3. Apply the filler on the primer instead of Picklex® 20 coating.
  4. Picklex® 20 coating provides a very long term corrosion resistance, which along with a good primer & paint will provide much longer paint life than just applying the primer/paint over blasted surface.
  5. After blasting, the oxidation/rusting forms immediately (called micro-rust). So apply Picklex® 20 on all metal surface (whether there is any visible rust or not) to prepare the surface rust/contamination free and keeps the surface from further rusting. This provides much better bonding with the primer and also provides a much longer paint life.
  6. Try to use two part Epoxy Primer (which has no acid), because Epoxy primer provides a good corrosion resistance and along with Picklex® 20 coating, the paint life will be lot longer.
  7. Keep the Picklex treated metal inside away from coming in contact with water.
  8. If the car is kept stored for a very long time with Picklex® 20 coating before priming, just blow off the dust or wipe with a damp cloth before priming. Do not use any chemical, such as solvent, de-greaser or paint thinner etc., because it may react with the coating and may affect the bonding. In fact, no other chemical should be used over Picklex® 20 coating.
  9. Picklex® 20 coating can withstand very high temperature and therefore it can be applied to the exhaust pipe and other engine parts where the temperature can go high during operation. Also, Picklex® 20 coating is flexible in nature and so it expands and contracts with the heat.
  10. Picklex® 20 can also be applied inside the gas tank where it will provide a thin coating protecting from rusting. Since the coating is a conversion coating, no particle will come out to clog the fuel line. Also, the Picklex® 20 coating is compatible with gasoline which has no effect on gasoline.
  11. De-rusting/coating of small heavy rusted part or tools can be performed by dipping in Picklex® 20 for few hours (or overnight). Picklex® 20 will clean the rust inside and outside and provide a protective coating and seal, all at the same time. After completion, wipe off the excess chemical and air dry. Remove the rust particles by straining the chemical and re-use the Picklex® 20. Unlike acid de-rusting, Picklex® 20 does not produce any sludge or waste disposal problems.


Welding can be performed over Picklex® 20 coating after complete drying. Weld strength will increase considerably on steel. Also no weld spatter will form (anti-spatter). After welding and cleaning the weld area, spray Picklex® 20 on the weld when the weld is just warm (about 120°F). This will reduce weld scaling and also convert the weld scale formed to a conversion coating which will enhance bonding with the top coating.

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