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Thread: More Feather Fill or seal with DP Epoxy ??

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    I don't like it as a substrate for painting. But yes if you want to I'm sure you could.

    I take it to 320 seal and paint I don't wet sand

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    Would you sand other filler to 600 wet? I wouldn't, filler is pours and will absorb water and the water may cause other problems down the line. I keep my filler dry by blowing the sanding dust off with compressed air. I don't even wipe it down with wax and grease remover because that gets into the filler too and takes a long time to get out. I wouldn't know when it had all evaporated. Water is worse to have in you filler in my mind. You aren't saving much by skipping the application of 2k surfacer. You are on the other hand exposing yourself to possible problems. The Feather Fill you spray on is filler and is not water proof.

    Bob K

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    OK. So is there a good 2K urethane primer surfacer that also works as a sealer in the Omni + line?

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    not sure i dont use Omni, maybe someone else will chime in or i can look it up for you

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