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Thread: DP 90 LF Black Epoxy Primer for Engine Compartment?

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    Default DP 90 LF Black Epoxy Primer for Engine Compartment?

    I am getting ready to paint my engine compartment on my 66 Impala SS
    Not a trailer queen car but a driver during the summer with few shows
    thrown in.

    I have a quart of PPG DP 90 LF black epoxy primer and was wondering if
    anyone had any input on using it for the engine compartment. (no topcoat, just the primer)

    I am curious how glossy it is and if not very glossy, is there a way to
    obtain a higher gloss using the DP 402LF catalyst or DT 870 Reducer
    that I also have.

    I am thinking about using it on pretty much the entire compartment
    including firewall, fender wells, fan shroud and hood hinges.

    All input appreciated. (even if to say this is just a bad idea... LOL)


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    I've used it on Corvette engine compartments for years. If you use it mixed as a primer (1 to 1/2) it gives a egg shell kind of gloss. If you reduce it as a sealer (1 to 1/2 to 1/2) with the 870 you will get a semigloss finish. The nice thing about using just dp for the finish is that fuel and oil don't seem to affect it at all. Hope this helps.

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    I used it on the engine compartment and frame of my 70 Chevelle. I cleared the frame, which has held up great, but after about 6 or 7 years, the DP in the engine compartment started to look bad. It didn't peel, but it spotted, as if large areas of clear were removed, if you can picture that. Anyway, it gave me a reason to remove the motor, paint, re-cam, and repaint the engine compartment. It will last for a while, but it is UV sensitive, and will eventually fail if not topcoated.

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