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Thread: Aj 34's my first auto paint project

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    Default Aj 34's my first auto paint project

    Aj, I am starting a new thread for your project so more people can give you input since you are new here - and we all love to help....

    TO ALL: Aj 34 started posting "my first auto paint project" in the WORKING WITH FILLER Section. He needs some help and thought other could refer to his beginning posts and help him out.

    Aj - here is a link from the CLASSROOM here about filler work or BONDO BASICS as it is called:

    Read this, print this, understand this. Henry

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    In the future:
    10- I will be sanding the entire car 600 grit per "Stanger"
    11- then sealer??
    12- primer
    13- base coat
    14- top coat
    15- clear coat
    You got a step out of order. you need to shoot primer before sealer, sealer is not needed but does help even color and coverage.


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