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    Will, it being Labor Day weekend and having three days off,I thought I would do alittle body work.RAINING!!!!Sunday it quite raining but its still over cast and humid.Everything is under the carport,so can I procede as planed? I have area's that I have clean and sanded and now need to apply bondo and spot primer.These are all small area's around the 3-6" in length and 3" wide.Yes,I am using the bondo brand,that's what the parts store sells,I'm new at this.I would like to try the brands that is recommeded here,I just don't have them in hand.Will I have trouble with the bondo sticking to the metal?I figure if it don't gum the sanding paper then I'm good to go.Right?Should I wait till the weather is better,or can I mix the bondo,apply,wait about couple hrs,sand and spot prime(rattle can)till I can primer using my sprayer to do the whole area?Then apply other coats as needed.I just hate to waste these days off since I was looking forward to doing this project.Getting it to the finish primer,and readdy to apply the finish coat.How do ya"ll deal with the humidity,what steps should I take? Thanks again Guys

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    The only time you will have problems applying filler in very humid conditions is if the metal is visibly wet from moisture. To be on the safe side get out your trusty hair drier set on hot/high. That way making sure the metal has no moisture on it.

    There is nothing wrong with bondo brand fillers. I personally like their long strand filler better than the other brands available. Their premium light weight filler is also excellent. Neither is cheap, but they are good products.

    ALL fillers will plug up the paper some when you first start sanding so don't gauge anything by the fact the sandpaper clogs up a little.

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