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    Anyone ever used one of the temporary garage shelters for a temporary paint booth. I was thinking of setting one up on the concrete in front of my garage with a fan and filters. You know the ones with a metal frame and tarp type covering. Northern Tools has one 14 foot wide. I would take it down and store when not in use.

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    during this past fall, after i had to leave the shop i was at, my dad and i built a thing out of 2x4s and construction grade plasic sheeting. it worked great, only down fall was that it was a negative pressure booth(lots of dust), the only fan that was in there was decently powerful, but not quite powerful enough to deal with the immense amount of urethane overspray, and the floor wasnt covered very well, so you can see a few orange, black, white, etc marks all over our garage floor. i think that one of those storage sheds would work pretty nicely, just make sure you cover up the floor(unless you want a painted concrete slab) and something positive pressure would probably work better than negative pressure.

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