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Thread: Slicksand dry time?

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    Default Slicksand dry time?

    If I use slicksand and put 2-3 coats on, how long should I wait before sanding to make sure its fully cured out? On the can it says about 2 hours to sand . Temperature will be around 80 degrees.

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    I've been using a lot of slick sand on my project the past few weeks and it's awesome stuff. Expect it take 2-3 hours to dry even at 80 degrees. And wear a dust mask. It produces a staggering amount of dust when sanded. The catalyst is the same stuff used with fiberglass resin so, like fiberglass it sits and stays tacky for a long time without changing and then all of a sudden it just hardens right up.

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    I sprayed a small area on some scrap metal, and I only have a 1.8mm tip, so it went on rough and I had to go slow, but once dried, it wasn't hard at all to sand it smooth. It took about 4 hours for it to dry.....I sanded it and came back to it an hour or so later, and it was hard as a rock. I couldn't leave a finger nail print in it, I had to get a key out and really press into it for it to leave a mark. It was as hard as the 2k primer I had sprayed on a panel a year ago.

    Is it completely cured out when it gets that hard?

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    If possible i'd personally leave it overnight or cure it with a Infrared Shotwave heat lamp. That will cure in about 20 minutes.

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