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Thread: How to push out a dent

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    Default How to push out a dent

    I am helping a friend repair his 2001 Altima. The front fender has a dimple the shape of a pencil. The paint is perfect, but the fender has been pushed in somehow.

    I think I can get access to the back of the fender from the wheel. I would like to push out the dent somehow, without repainting the car. I realize it may not come 100% perfect, but that's acceptable.

    Therefore how would I pull out the dent:
    a) With access to the back
    b) without access to the back.

    I don't own paintless dent repair tools, but did inform on the cost and they seem quite expensive. Since this is something I will probablynot do again, are their 'regular' tools I can use for the job?


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    try to find someone with a suction puller, they do real nice for small dents like that. if you have ample access to the back, hit it out with a properly contoured dolly, your going to wanna do it from the edges working towards the center, be careful to not push too much otherwise you will break the paint. id try the suction thing before anything else

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    best reccomendation i can make to you is let a dent doctor do it. Once you start messing with it, chances are you'll mess it up to the point where the dent doctor can no longer take care of it..and you'll have to end up painting the panel.
    The dent doctor will probably do it some where in the 50 range..its just worth it to let him do it..than to get your hands dirty and risk ruining what can a potential easy dent for him.

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    i would hold a piece of wood on the outside( using it as a dolly)and tap the dent out lightly from the inside. i say to use a piece of wood cause it will be softer on the painted surface, but if you do this, be very careful and easy cause it won't take much to crack the paint.

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    Unless you've done this before and are confident in your skills, I would suggest you leave it alone or leave it to a dent specialist. It won't take much to make it a lot worse rather than better.

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