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Thread: Pearl in single stage?

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    Default Pearl in single stage?

    I realize that for a true pearl effect it needs to be done as a 3 stage. What happens when pearl is added to a single stage solid color? Does it have any of the color changing effect of a true pearl or does it just look like a fine metalic? Does a single stage pearl have the same drawbacks as ss metalic -- i.e. mottling (zebra striping) or loss of gloss due to mist coating and not able to be cut and polished?

    A client of mine is trying to pick a color for a boat I will be painting for him and is thinking about a blue pearl. I am trying to steer him away from a 3 stage pearl because I don't think I would ever be able to blend/match a repair. A small scrape in a 3 stage would probably mean repainting the whole side of the boat. I normally use single stage for solid colors or bc/cc for metalics. Any thoughts or advice on this would be much appreciated.

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    Andy, in most cases its not a good idea to add pearl to a single stage, especially a solid color non metallic single stage. One reason is that the opague paint effectively hides 98% of the pearl you add. So in order to add enough pearl to a solid color paint to where its visible when your done it would take so much pearl that it would actually change the color of the original paint. (not in a good pearl effect way but it would "muddy" the original paint.)

    Most metallic paints have a large portion of clear in the mixing formula so adding some pearl to a metallic paint can add some nice effects but there too you have to careful of how much pearl you add, there is a thin line between getting a nice muted pearl effect and too much pearl which will again change the color of the original paint.

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