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    Hello, I am new to this forum and am looking to purchase this truck. Any helps/tips or conclusions about how the rust is on this frame? Is it too much, can it be fixed, should it be fixed? Does it affect the frame strength? More or less I am trying to figure out of this rust is too much or normal/be fixed or what should be done to fix the rust or repair it. Photos attached. I am from states where you dont put salt on roads. The last picture has what appears to be rust on red bed part of the body. So am not familiar with rusted framesIMG_8573.jpgIMG_8571.jpgIMG_8569.jpgIMG_8568.jpgIMG_8574.jpg

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    from here it just looks like surface corrosion. but pictures can be misleading. ford didn't paint everything under their vehicles, and what they did paint was a half hearted attempt at best. it's not too difficult though to clean that up and put a couple coats of zero rust or similar on it. you won't have access to every single piece, but you get 95% of it. a few days of work under there with picklex and scuff pads followed with paint and it'll look great, as long as the rust hasn't set in so it's scaling off in big flakes.
    i have a 2012 lincoln, and was surprised to see a similar condition on the rear axle when i went to replace it. the replacement was similarly corroded as well. took me a couple of afternoons to get it cleaned up and painted before installation. well worth the effort.
    personally, i'd rather have paint on the underside as opposed to undercoating, it's easier to keep track of condition when it's not buried under all that rubberized coating.
    b marler

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    Thanks for your reply. Sadly just as i posted this the truck has sold. lol ;(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Dynamite View Post
    Thanks for your reply. Sadly just as i posted this the truck has sold. lol ;(

    So you'll get the next one. Like bmarler said above, what we see is surface rust that would clean up well. Now your last pic, not sure how bad that rust might be but again, if surface only, it's fine.

    One concern is what was wet on that front tire? Seeing things like that make me think brake fluid but no other traces of that.

    I know it's gone but we can use it as a learning tool for you.

    Just so you know, this site is open 24/7 and hope you'll stick around.

    Best to you.


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