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Thread: Single Stage Clear Urethane for Airbrushing?

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    Default Single Stage Clear Urethane for Airbrushing?

    Can anyone recommend a single stage clear urethane that doesn't use a hardener that I can use for airbrushing?

    I build scale model cars and use BASF base coat lacquer and have been using clear lacquer as a top coat. The clear lacquer seems to constantly reduce down over time. I'm looking for an alternative like a urethane or even a waterborne clear that won't continue to reduce down.

    I'm not setup to spray 2K clear so that's not an option.

    I'm using a Grex airbrush with a trigger and a fan spray cap so it's basically a mini spray gun. With the .5 mm needle it sprays approximately a 4 inch fan pattern.

    I tried Duplicolor 1K Clear Extreme Gloss Finish but it has a very slight yellow tint so it's no good.
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