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    Hi there guys – I have been reading and searching this forum with great delight, so much information on here about autobody 😊 So this is my first post and it is for help or more to the point what I am doing wrong...

    In short I have a handmade fuel tank, it was taken back to almost bare metal by me. I am getting a little stuck, mostly around shaping Filler. Have been applying Indasa Autofill filler on most of the tank to get me my rough shape before I go onto the easy sand filler (Upol Fantastic Filler). At the moment AutoFill is all I have been applying to the tank..

    I have the Durablock set (various shapes and sizes and some Soft Sanders also. Various grades of sandpaper, I have been mostly shaping with 60 grit by hand and some 80 grit on a DA. I bought a compressor and DA for this job and eventually this setup will be used for painting when I get to it.

    Fast forward 10-11 months into my attempt to do this myself so I apologize in advance if I have missed anything.

    I have been sanding mostly in criss-cross / diagonals, short and long sweeps. Now one bit I have plateaued on and its kind if difficult to explain is I seem to have two opposite corners that are a little ‘off’ or lower/less curved/more curved as opposed to the other two opposite corners when l look from certain height or angle. I feel like I am chasing curves and not getting anywhere (that probably does not make sense). Making simple cardboard cutouts of one side and flipping it over do not seem to work in my favour either.

    I am also not sure if I have inadvertently spent too long Sanding on one side of the tank making it look a little off shape or perhaps I have applied too much or little filler on some areas and not enough on other parts of the tank which could be what is making it look slightly off. I work on the tank when I have spare time, it is not continuous unfortunately as some days are but mostly its gaps between working on it.

    So my question is really, is there a technique that I am missing or is it a case of keep sanding until the desired shape is achieved using 60 and then 80 grit? Photos will probably explain a lot more hopefully. I shall try by best not to give up 😊 Any advice would be greatly approached!

    Many thanks,
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