Hello! Some of you may remember my saddlebag project a while back. This is essentially a continuation of that project. The parts you see in the pics all have the HD Luxury Rich Red applied, and 3 coats of clear. I didn't do all that great a job with either, really. No drips or runs, but orange peel. Next step is to sand the clear prior to applying the flames and pinstriping. I know I'll be wet sanding the clear smooth, starting with 320, then 400 and finally 600 prior to flames and striping. My question is, if you were doing this job on these parts, would you do it with a DA with a thick, soft, intermediate pad? I have a 3/4" thick, soft foam intermediate pad which conforms pretty well, but these parts are almost all curves. Also, I'm not sure a bout wet sanding with a DA at all... Good idea? Bad idea? Would love some thoughts from experienced guys, please!