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Thread: Topcoat over ZeroRust

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    Default Topcoat over ZeroRust

    My understanding that for UV protection, ZeroRust requires a topcoat.

    Any recommendations for what satin black paint?

    KBS Coatings makes chassis paint, among many others…

    Would their chassis black paint be compatible? Is there a specific paint I should use?

    I am new to painting and am restoring a 74 Bronco. Will pick chassis and various other parts up from sand blaster Friday. Intend to do any repairs/clean up and then spray.

    Let me know if you need more information.


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    You might consider powder coat for your frame if no problems exist when you get it back from blaster. Ask your blaster if they are applying a flash rust preventive coating after blasting. I have done several powder coated frames after blasting and the most I have ever paid was $600. However, if going this route you need to consider any additional work needed on the chassis as you will not match the powder coating if touch up is required.
    I typically use Zero Rust for frames and do not apply a top coating as it will not be exposed to UV rays once body is mounted. On one project I did have a frame that required sitting outside for 3 or 4 months exposed to the sun. On that project I waited about 2 or 3 weeks, roughed the surface with 600g and shot it with a single stage black (gloss). My thinking is the SS may chip but the Zero Rust will be tougher to get through. I wouldn't hesitate to do it in the exact same fashion under the same scenario, however if I have to do it again I will simply cover and protect from UV until body can be mounted.

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