hi, I m panting my truck outside in my carport in the elements. I have put the shop line color coat on with a medium shop line reducer and the results are good except for a few fruit flies that landed on the fender. I will lightly buff with 600g wet paper then clear coat. I am using PPG shop line JC830 2.1 VOC production clear with PPG medium shop line hardener.

I have concerns with the temperature when I will clear coat and I don't see it getting any warmer. Like I said I have the medium hardener 75-90 F or 24-32 C. I am dealing in Celsius and the temp seems to be pretty consistent in the afternoon at about 17 deg C.

(1) Should I go buy the low temp PPG hardener 65-75 F or 18-24 C. since temp seems to be about 17 deg C which is pretty close to 18 deg C?
(2) If i use the medium hardener and it is too cold what will happen?

thank you in advance this is my first time painting and I have watched way too much on youtube I think.