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So a little background.... it has been a while since I used 'hot rod' paints (70s/80s) and I know paints have changed a lot. So, I started a project for my wife then will start mine (65F100). My relative that works at Maaco said they would come help because paints have changed and I wanted to learn a little about them. So here it goes -

Sanded original paint almost down to the metal on 77 C10.... did 2:1 Duplicolor Primer/Surfacer... dry sanded, then after couple of hours, put two, quick, heavy coats of Restoration Shop Acrylic Enamel Hot Rod Red on it. Paint looks like crap and I'm not happy with 'A Relative' that did the job.

So - going to buy good paint - Urethane Hot Rod Red so at least it matches. It has been 30 years so my question will be short and sweet. Do I wet sand down enough to get rid of the imperfections and spray over or, sand off all the current red that I can back to the primer, re-prime or will the wet-sand work? I know he did put hardener in the Acrylic Enamel SS. It looks flawless and very shiny from 20'... from 20" it looks like a 13 year old kid with pimples every where. Any advice would be grateful !! I know I should have done it the right way MYSELF but, he knows everything and wanted to help.

Thanks in advance.