Hello Everybody,
Greetings from Australia. I am in the process of starting my next project which will be my biggest to date and a real challenge.
Thought I would post here to get ideas to get it going in the right direction.
I have an Australian made truck or ute as we call them which is the equivalent of your Ranchero's and El Camino's.
The floors are trash and the inner and outer rockers are barely there so the body has become a bit floppy and has 'stretched' on one side.
The door still closes (just) on the side that has stretched but you can put a finger in the door gap!
The other side still has a near perfect door gap that you can fit a coin into and it opens and closes perfectly.
I have not started and the car is still sitting on it's wheels.
What ideas do you have for getting the stretch out of the car?
I have though of a few things like putting it onto a frame but I want to keep it as budget friendly as possible so would appreciate and ideas you have.