Hello all,

I just joined up here the other day, but have been lurking around and reading many posts while trying to learn about modern paint equip and paints.

I'm retired now and just work on my own projects at home, but 35 years ago I did quite a bit of auto refinish work.
Back then I used Centari and a JGA-502 with good success, but haven't painted anything for over 20 years.

Now that I have some time I want to fix up my favorite old car.
I want to buy a modern gun and have been looking at the FLG-693 kit #905163:

It comes with an aluminum cup, a press adj gauge, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.8 tip along with three matching needles.

I see a lot of info about the FLG-670, FLG-4, FLG-3, etc... but have not found anything on the newer FGL-693 that I believe is the replacement for the older models.

I do realize this is a general purpose gun, but the price range is in myball park and it includes different sized tips that I believe will work for me.

I plan to shoot primer, sealer and a SS solid white urethane with it (once I learn how to use it).

Anyone have any feedback on the FLG-693 gun kit?

Thank you,