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    Hi guys

    I was looking at ordering a Devilbiss FLG5. When looking at their site in USD currency, it shows my price is $167.35 USD total with shipping. It then also says under that "Your credit card will be charged for £129.56".

    When checking the currency conversion from £129.56 to USD, we get $181.56. Anyone know why it say the total is $167.35 USD when it is actually $181.56 USD?

    I actually emailed them about it and to my shock, a sales administrator replied saying they didnít know! Geez...

    Also, does anyone know where the FLG5 is made? Is it made in the UK?

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    My credit card company charges me a percent on top of the cost of the items to handle the exchange.
    No idea about the rest of your questions
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