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Thread: Van rear door damage, fixable?

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    Default Van rear door damage, fixable?

    Howdy, just bought a used Nissan NV 2500 and it had been roughed up pretty good. Been to a few body shops who all say I need a new door. Hoping that's not the case. Thanks for any advice.
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    The first thing you should do is to call around to several junk yards in your area to see if anyone has a used door. It would be a lot easier (and cheaper) to replace than to repair.

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    I agree with Len, find a good used door.

    You question is "is the door repairable" ? Anything is repairable, it's just how much work and money to do you want to spend to save that door. No bodyshop will touch that door to repair it. Cost of labor and materials would exceed the cost of a new/used door.

    So the bottom line to your question is "could I repair it ?" YES, I could repair it. Would I personally repair that door ? NO I wouldn't. (unless is was the last door in existence). I don't mean that as a smart ass, I mean it as repair that door would have to be the absolute last option.

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    Well looks like it's as I feared then. Thank you guys for the advice, just wanted an unbiased opinion before I pulled the trigger at a body shop. Thanks again!

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