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Thread: Every old bodyman's nightmare

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    Default Every old bodyman's nightmare

    All us old bodymen remember the Mall grinder. Actually they had different tools that attached to the end of the drive cable. But we remember the grinder for doing metal work. Why they were so feared is while operating that thing as a grinder the grinder disc could catch on a sharp piece of metal which could rip the grinder out of your hands, out of control and caused many bad cuts, including slicing peoples stomach open. The on and off switch was located on the motor not the grinder. I cringe every time I see one of those grinders. One of the other tools besides the grinder was a belt sander that fit on the end of the drive cable.

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    That happens with little die grinders too. Had to laugh a little when I saw this post. My left hand is healing up from the same thing you mentioned. I was cutting a piece out of a floor panel last week and the 3 inch blade got pinched in the cut and the grinder lunged forward and hit the hand I was supporting myself with. Just shows I shouldn’t get complacent when things are going well. It can change in an instant.

    Bob K

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