I finally got my air compressor, thanks for all the advice here. 80 gallon 5HP coleman single stage entry-level unit that was on clearance.

Plan to start painting my truck's engine bay in a few weeks.
I'll be removing both left & right fenders, front radiator support area and hood.
And paint those inside my garage.

This will leave my truck out in the driveway without a nose.
How can I "disguise" it to appease my HOA and local police?
The police have aleady had one complaint about my truck, from when I had the wheels off for a few weeks.
And registration is expired, so I'm a little worried about them wanting to tow the truck away.

Just toss a blue tarp over the front chassis?
Are there any better ideas that are still inexpensive?

My truck does not follow routine shape. Think of a two-door mid-size truck with a camper on the back.
So a universal truck cover won't work.
I can get a custom cover made by Covercraft but their cheapest custom is $230.

I work real slow, so the truck could very easily be like this for a couple months.