Hi, I have been wanting to learn how to paint for years, someone pulled out in front of me on my panhead in June so I decided now was the time to learn. I do have a couple questions and some pictures bit I would like to give some more information. I have a 60 gallon compressor and an Ingersoll rand refrigerated air dryer,that is adequate for the guns I am using, I have an iwata lph400 with silver and purple caps, air gunsa 1.8 , and atd 1.4, the and 1.4 is for epoxy primer only.I am using urekem products, asiatic blue over stellar silver as this most closely matches the hi fi blue that the bike had originally. I have done in this order, epoxy primer, a little 3m filler and glazing putty, 2k primer surfacer, blocked to 600 grit, rhen the silver metallic with the purple cap layer out perfectly , I catalyzed the silver before spraying the candy at the recommended ratio. Then 4 coats of candy to get the desired color. My fenders came out beautiful, I cleared with their high solid clear. I used the silver cap for candy and clear.i actually had more difficulty with orange peal on the clear then the candy! Anyways I knew this would be a difficult job and possibly have to respray something it turns out i have to redo the gas tanks due to some runs in the candy. I plan on sanding with 600 and flow coating the clear on the fenders. The parts were all stripped to bare metal before starting. Sorry for the long post but I am new to painting and wanted to give as much info as possible.
When sanding down to repaint the tanks do I need to go the whole way down to metal again? My silver basecoat is catalyzed?
I was thinking that I should spray the candy over the whole tank, then a couple coats of clear, scuff the apply my white on the bottom of the tank and reclear is this the best option? On the original paint the stripe can easily be felt on these bikes and is not an issue.
I would add that the bodywork is near to perfect with no issues, I mostly used glazing putty (3m platinum) with no shrinkage or repair mapping etc. Everything was dollied out with minimal filler 1/8" or less when needed.
Thanks for taking the time to read through this I have been reading about painting and wanting to learn for years IMG_20201021_232057_528.jpgIMG_20201021_232057_532.jpg