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Thread: Marten's '53 build

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    Marten your work is OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice work there Marten.

    Understand the wiring part. I'm adding modern side mirrors to one of my sports cars. I am adding remote controlled mirrors and turn signal lights from the mirrors to the car. Trying to follow all the wires under the dash while upside down looking up isn't what I would call fun.

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    Red face

    So, apparently I was doing some of the wiring wrong. You should not use those crimp on connectors as they come loose. You should solder all connectors. Lesson learned. Anyway, had my brother come up a couple of weeks ago and gave me a lesson in automotive wiring. From there I was able to finish things off for the most part. Got to 95% with only power windows and seat to do. Need more wire. So got to start testing things out. Connected battery, check. Make sure everything is grounded, battery to motor, motor to frame, cab to frame, all check. Plug in ONE fuse at a time and try things out. Lights first, hold breath and pull the switch. Got this first shot.
    Moved on, tested electric fan, turn signals, 4 way flashers, bumped starter, dash lights. All worked
    spent the rest of the day walking on air and cleaning up making the wiring neat using that plastic loom stuff.
    My kids surprised me with this as well. Was always a joke/in the plans to do but never shared it with anyone except my kids. The truck is as much Corvette as Ford so I thought it would be cool. Held on with tape for now for pictures. Will be on after I paint the truck.
    Thanks for checking in.
    Building my dream one piece at a time.

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