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Thread: Marten's '53 build

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    Like you I produce my own running boards and feel your pain. Yours are turning out great and were very well thought out. Still amazed by your skills with no previous SM experience! On your vertical to horizontal surface at back of running boards, have you considered tacking in a 1/2 or 3/4 radius using a 16 ga. extrusion or producing an extrusion from a bead roller, tack in corner and hit with a short strand fiber filler and finish out? The problem with running boards are the way they are used which stresses that back side corner when attached to the cab and I'm not sure you could ever keep that joint from separating later on. On your running board brackets, I had to put mine in a vice and heat up with my acetylene torch on the inside corners and pull them back into parallel , worked perfect. Afterwards In tack in .250 support plate on the backside to strength up the 90 degree turn. I have some pics of what I built and would be happy to share them with you, but they may not exactly cover your few problems, however they may spark something to help. Looking great!

    BTW, make sure your fenders are true and straight before attempting to get the one running board that is out of plumb to conform otherwise you are chasing sheet metal alignment.
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    So even though I am older, I am trying to stay in tough with the younger people. thought I would try and do a you tube video of my truck and where she stands today. Need to do a couple of things then off to the garage for final stuff I can't do and safety.
    Building my dream one piece at a time.

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