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Thread: (2) coats of clear, Safe to sand out orange peel?

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    Default (2) coats of clear, Safe to sand out orange peel?

    I put 2 medium coats of clear on the car.
    Sanded out the orange peel and did a flow coat of 2 more coats of clear

    I had some areas with poor lighting, so I got too fast without enough overlap on the lower half of the doors resulting in more orange peel (just slightly better than OEM paint) 😢 :-(

    Should I just do a normally cut and buff. Or is there enough clear there to safely sand out all the orange peel again before buffing?

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    If you got the last 2 coats on within the re coat window (24hrs usually) it should be fine.
    I would have been more nervous sanding orange peel out of the first 2 coats.
    Hopefully one of the resident experts will chime in.

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    If the clear is sanded then there is no recoat window, the sanding is your bond between coats especially if you used a decent quality clear. If the clear has a decent film build/thickness you should be fine just sanding and polishing.

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