These are the Hudson doors painted. Sealed with a Matrix brand sealer, black base using hot temp reducer, green base then cleared. Color sanded with 600, then 3 more coats of Tamco 2104 Euro clear.
Color was sprayed with a Sagola 4500 1.3tip and used an early made Devilbiss Tekna with a 1.3 tip and air pressure turned up to 30psi.
Sagola 4500 is a much slower gun than the Tekna but does spray great. We considered getting a 4600 Sagola to replace the 4500, but decided not to throw anything new into the process other than material.
The color is a 3stage 2017 Harley Davidson green pearl. Really sparkles in the sun---

We had to re-do these after having a "lifting" issue after 8 months or so. Lifting was between Tamco sealer and PPG Deltron basecoat. Everything was done by the book, so it was a big surprise to have this issue.
After talking to Painter Dave, we changed to Matrix sealer and went to a hotter reducer for the base coat. This was to allow the base to "claw" into the sealer a little better.
DSCN6887.jpgHudson Wasp door 2.jpgHudson Wasp door.jpg