Hello everyone.

I have a question to post later about using different brands of primer, but I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who posts their questions, experience, and advice on here. Google has been taking me here for a couple years as I have considered re-painting my wife’s Mini Cooper.

I want to especially say thank you to Len, Henry, and Bob K.

I haven’t welded in 20 years, but thanks to Lens’ excellent write-up on his back-strip method I successfully welded in some difficult body parts.

This will be my first time painting a car or even using a paint sprayer.
Below are some pictures of the project I’m working on. My wife bought this car brand new in 2005 while it was still on the boat. It’s a 2006, the last of the supercharged. The car had a lot of issues, so I asked her what car she would want if we broke down and got another car loan. She said “I don’t know..., I love my Mini Cooper”. So, I’m trying to give her a “NEW” Mini-Cooper

I Bought a parts car and have swapped over a tons of parts, fixing almost all of the little annoying issues the car had developed with age.

Now I’m on to the bodywork. Because of rust, I replaced the door and hatch.
I started sanding the “surface” rust underneath the tail lights and found the rust was coming through from the back side. So I cut and replaced with the mint condition ones from the parts car.


I hope to have some finished pictures to share in a couple weeks.