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Thread: 1967 mustang frame rail dent

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    Default 1967 mustang frame rail dent

    Hi all,

    I'm working on a 67 mustang that has a dent in the pass frame rail, that I would like to take out. (see photos) The dent is just forward of where the frame rail is attached to the firewall. There isn't any access to the back of the dent because the torque box is in the way, so the only access is in the front. I sprayed black paint on the area of the dent and then block sanded it to outline the entire dent. The red dot is where the dent is the deepest. I'm interested in hearing from some of the experts on the forum as to the best way to remove this dent. Thank you for any opinions.


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    May be able to pull it out with a stud welder. You can go over the dent with filler if you want it to look "factory".

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