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Thread: Need help with pulling damage out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len View Post
    Post a couple of pictures so we can see the situation.
    Thank you for your reply, I'll get some pictures tomorrow evening and send them here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmarler View Post
    way to go, i applaud your effort. these days it's rare to find a young person wanting to jump in and learn to do this type of work. these skills will transfer over to many things you do in life, not just bodywork. keep at it..
    be careful welding around the wireway. you don't want to melt the wires together or you'll have a different set of problems to deal with.
    that hidden area with rust inside should be treated after you get to a good point. you can drill and insert a wand to spray cavity wax in there.
    Thanks I appreciate it. The part thats seperating from the floor can be seen in the first picture. It's that wireway, I was using the wrong terminology before. Despite the inside of the rockers being spotless in terms of rust... I guess somebody got in the truck with wet feet all the time and it rusted that part out. Not too big of a deal though I'll get my generator and welder down there and see what happens and update the thread.

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