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    Hi am new to this forum.

    I'm trying to paint an old trans am with some dark blue metallic acrylic lacquer paint that I got from tcp global

    There's a lot of orange peel, and when I try to sand it, I find that the metallic particles are not even throughout the paint layer. The metallic particles are always at the bottom of the layer, so as you sand, there are more flakes, and the appearance becomes uneven.

    I thought it might be gravity, but it happens on flat and horizontal surfaces.

    Any idea how to make the metalflakes more even? am I using to much or too little air pressure? wrong grade of thinner?


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    They still sell lacquer?

    It's been a long time since I sprayed metallic lacquer but I'd thin it 100% then spray many thin coats allowing it to flash between coats. This will give you the same metallic distribution throughout the layers of paint and it should sand and polish evenly.

    If you're getting a lot of orange peel you probably haven't thinned it enough. Use a "good" quality, medium speed thinner, not cheap stuff.

    You'll probably still need to sand and polish but be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to polishing. Lacquer is a "trapped solvent" which means that it dries on top trapping solvents underneath so do your fine grit sanding when the surface gets hard then WAIT and allow the lower solvents to escape prior to polishing.

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