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Hope my little photo below helps.

The yellow lines represent the layout tape of the actual edge of the "design" tape, I would then fill in the majority of the area that I want masked off (blue lines) getting close to, but not on the yellow tape.

Then I would add the "bridge" tape (not shown) which would cover 1/2 to 3/4 of the yellow tape and hang well over the blue tape. That way after I am done shooting whatever graphics, I can easily pull the "bridge" tape without worrying about my edges. Also there is less paint on the actual yellow "design" tape.

FBS makes an orange crepe tape in various widths which is awesome for the masking (blue lines in my photo).

I almost always run my design tape, then offset another run of tape which would be represented by the outer blue lines in my photo, then I would fill in with the crepe masking which allows me to run a razor over the inner masking tape, then add my final "bridge" tape.

Hope that helps and doesn't confuse the issue further!!!!!

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OK, that's what I thought I understood. That clarifies it. You're suggesting I apply the tape which I have applied FIRST... LAST. Which makes sense, now that I understand what you're suggesting. Too late for this project, and frankly, as complex s the overlapping flames are, I'm not sure if I could do it that way without getting mightily mixed up!

I ended up having to replace the front fender, so I will be laying out flames on that, so I might try your taping method there.