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Thread: Bike tank repair (dents)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NitroShark View Post
    ...This is an personal Honda Z50 Mini-trail restoration and I’m trying to keep everything original and just testing my skills. My fabrication skills are above average for sure...

    I believe forum rules state that you must post more photos of your project when you mention something cool like that.

    Isn't that the old little Honda mini-bikes that the handle bars fold down to throw in the back of a early 70's station wagon? (yes that is how old I am).

    I learned to ride a motorcycle on it's big brother the Trail 90, no clutch, no power, all fun for a fifth grader back then.

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    Not sure if this will help but maybe?

    Several decades back I made a set of picking tools for chrome work (see photo), I made them from an old set of fireplace irons. They work great for picking out dents in chrome trim, Just not sure they will work for your project.

    Another tip they may be useful, on small dents where I want to do as little metal movement as possible, dimples etc., I use my stud gun puller as a hammer and dolly. I weld on the appropriate size pin to the dent, thread the pin through a piece of either .375 or .5 plate (pin should barely fit through hole in plate to minimize metal movement) and pull on the pin while using the plate as a dolly up against the dimple (pic is for demo, plate shown is too light to use as a dolly for this technique). If you attempt to repair in this manner, your slide hammer is barely tapping the backside of slide each time to just barely move the metal.It is a slow and tedious way to pull metal but it does work. I always keep the metal up to temperature, never red hot, just enough heat to allow metal to move the way I want it too. The trick here is small, light taps using 2 fingers on the hammer. Hit to hard and you won't have a way to dolly it back since you cannot get a dolly on the backside.

    Only other way I know is to cut the tank and go to town, just as henry and oldfatbald said.

    Curious as to why you don't like lead work? I have been doing lead for quite some time and still love it, lost art.
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    seeing the homemade tool set made me think maybe a set of pdr tools could get in that tank and push the dings out.
    b marler

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