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Thread: Ripped Apron off spots, Bang 'n Weld or Cut 'n Replace?

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    Default Ripped Apron off spots, Bang 'n Weld or Cut 'n Replace?

    Hey folks ... I have an advice request:

    2005 Jeep Liberty ... it clipped something on the front right. Barely got into the bumper bar; mostly ripped across the top of it, ultimately ripping away part of the apron from its spot welds. This area will be all hidden once reassembled & the only alignment point is the front fender mounting bolt. Vehicle will be used as a "TOAD" (behind a motorhome).

    Options I see:
    1) Cut out the damage & section-in replacement panels
    2) Bang the metal back close & weld the spots back


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    I would probably call some junk yards to see if I could find that piece then cut and replace. If I couldn't find it used I'd probably do some pulling and dollying to see if I could make it fit properly but you would need the proper pulling tools and clamps.

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