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Thread: painting a replacement plastic grille

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    Default painting a replacement plastic grille

    Switching my 04 Dodge Ram to a sport configuration. I bought a new replacement grille (see pic for example, the arrow isn't relevant). Its shipped bare, just black molded plastic w/o any primer, and its super smooth. I need to paint it Light Almond Pearl (stock Dodge color), using PPG Shop Line single stage Urethane.

    What prep do you recommend to get the paint to adhere well? I'm assuming I need to hit it with some scotch bright to put some tooth in it. Paint store recommended a grey base to get the color right... I have some grey epoxy, is that really necessary?


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    I'd scuff it lightly with some 400/600 grit then clean it well and apply an adhesion promoter before painting. Read the instructions for the AP before you use it, some products want you to apply two coats and allow a long flash time before painting.

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