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Thread: repair or replace quarter panel

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    Default That would be a YES...

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil V View Post
    ---Repair it---. As Baubau says, "instead of looking at it as one big dent look at it as a series of smaller dents". If that were my car I would absolutely repair that damage as opposed to replacing with new metal. I see more downsides with welding in a new quarter panel. Any place that would have welds installing a new quarter panel will start to rust immediately after welding and will continue to rust unabated and not a damn thing you can do about. (not getting into a long winded explanation of why).

    Your fear of "bondo" (generic term for body filler) is unfounded if applied correctly. In most cases it will outlast the metal it's attached to. Bondo falling out dates back to the 1960's when Black Magic body filler was used by people who had no clue about what they were doing and the filler itself was substandard. They would use wire mesh screen (like a screen door wire mesh) and crappy bondo to fill large rust holes. Not even grind the paint around the rust hole, then piss and moan when a chunk of bondo falls out. I think another point is most new cars have filler applied in certain areas at the new car factory.

    As far as the widened door gap -- That gap will close back to a correct gap when the metal is pulled back into shape. That door/quarter gap is wide now because the metal in the quarter is pushed in pulling the gap wider. Release the dents and the gap closes to where it belongs
    I "ditto" what you said.


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    This has been going on for years but my experience and most older bodymen believe that the newer younger body techs are parts changers and not seasoned "craftsman". I'm not saying there are no younger very talented bodymen because there ARE. But there is more significance in changing parts than in repairing existing parts. I think that applies more to dealer bodyshops and not independently own shops.

    Do you other professional bodymen with at least 20 years on the job experience see the same thing ?

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